Nathalie Seaver is half French and grew up in New York City and Paris. She cuurently resides in Los Angeles.

She spoke French before she spoke English and learned to paint before she knew how to write.

Nathalie discovered the magic of photography when she borrowed her father's Polaroid camera as a young teenager and then taught herself how to use an SLR.

Taking photographs has been a daily practice since then, much like some people need to practice yoga or go to the gym.

Several years ago, before the digital era, Nathalie began to play with photo collage and mixed media concepts

Her work explores the hidden magic, beauty and occasional irony, hidden in the everyday. She attempts to isolate these happenstance captures with various painterly and 2-D and 3-D collage techniques to create one of a kind images.

Her career path has taken her from book illustration to stints as a development executive in TV and film. For over a decade, she has been an LA based clothing designer.
George Gershwin once said: "I frequently hear music in the very heart of noise".  Nathalie riffs on this notion with her photography and peels away hidden beauty and magic in the blur of the ordinary. 

She recently won first prize at the July 2018 LACP member show, curated by Houston Gallerist, Catherine Couturier, and was awarded a solo exhibition in Los Angeles, March 2019